1. [largecalendar]
  2. [smallcalendar]
  3. [events]
  4. [iCal]


Shortcode Description amr-events amr-ical-events-list
[events] to list events created within wordpress (and optionally an ics url) with agenda style as default view (or only view) X
[iCal]  to list from ics urls
[largecalendar]  wordpress events and optionally external urls in box calendar
[smallcalendar]   (similar to widget) in small box calendar  Y  Y
[smallplusagenda] the small calendar followed by a simple upcoming events list that will react to selections in the small calendar X**
 [weekscalendar weeks=n] shows a horizontal weekly view. If no weeks parameter, it will default to 2 weeks so if current date is on last day of week, viewer can see next week. Note a vertical weekly view can be achieved using normal agenda view [events], and styling or choosing a suitable list type and grouping.
 [yearcalendar] basically 12 months (default) of small calendar X**
[month_year_dropdown] displays the month and year drop down box in alternate position X*
[month_prev_next] displays the next and previous month links in alternate position eg: after the events shortcode maybe? X*
[calendar_views] displays the view switching in alternate position X*